After dark


Avoiding the raindrops wasn’t easy today – my walk had to be  late in the day – and this was taken ‘from the hip’


Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginning.

Wondering what this is all about? Well, now that we’ve got the start of the year out of the way I can get down to business! I take a walk on most days. I won’t be documenting the whole process, but during the year I will post something from TODAY’s walk. If I don’t have time to don my shoes it will be a picture of something else that is current. Today? Well, we avoided the very heavy showers and high winds and this is what we found.


A very muddy path, puddles to be avoided and just a glint of reflected sunlight to guide us along the way

This is the entrance to our nature reserve also pictured in the blog header. Expect to see a lot more of it in the near future. I wonder where tomorrow will lead?

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Happy Birthday

Today is rather a special day. My uncle is 90.

Later this month we are having a family get-together to celebrate. The plans are still ‘under wraps’, but it will be a gentle day with lots of memories tossed backwards and forwards. He’ll be taking the day off – you see he is still working! Yes, still writing and investigating scientific things with no intention of retiring. In fact, he’s still travelling the world and lecturing.

I tried to find a photograph, but I don’t have one on this computer. Instead I’m including one of our son with all our grandchildren taken a few years ago

family July 2010

The cousins are great friends even though there is a difference in age. I thought it was appropriate to show this picture as my earliest memory of my uncle goes back to when I was about the same age as the youngest boy shown here. It was around the time my sibling was born. Sadly, I never had any cousins.

Happy Birthday Uncle D

Ready for a rebuild


Just a few short months ago this site was a profitable office block. Now it has been razed to the ground to make way for a residential home for elderly persons. We await the final outcome with bated breath. No promises that it will be finished in 2014 – but this is how the year started.