Soup. Vegetables and lentils! Delicious.





Bright, shadow, red, green, light, dark. I’ve been watching this area of the garden over the last few weeks. The flowers of the Mahonia have been at this stage for what seems like ages…… waiting….. waiting for the sun? Well, today was sunny and suddenly the dark dull patch became vibrant with colour and contrast. Maybe those yellow buds will burst forth in the very near future.

What a difference a day makes

iPhone 005

Stunning blue sky, with the odd cloud, and sunshine. It’s a ‘good to be alive’ day. Another bird – this time it’s Howard (‘our’ pigeon) sunning himself in the warmth of the rays as the sun rises. Frost and ice were still in evidence, but I prefer to show you this shot.

I Can’t See You

iPhone 229

I walked into town, keeping my eyes firmly on the ground for part of the walk. I blogged about it here later (100 Steps). The photographs I took weren’t earth shattering, mainly refelctions of the trees, but this little lady was on the ground listening for and finding worms. I ‘snuck’ this shot. I’ve found that if you don’t look at them, but just point the camera (not always easy) they don’t seem to notice that you are there. I managed to avoid the showers, thankfully.

Got the blues


These began to flower a few weeks ago. They have just kept going – and they are such a blessing. The leaves are growing longer and longer, the flowers are now dwarfed by them. They were an early sign of spring approaching. Other bulbs have now joined them. Isn’t nature wonderful!