Is that the best you can do?


Today I met a really good friend for lunch. We meet roughly 3 times a year and we always eat at the same place – the food is good and they allow you to sit uninterrupted for as long as you like. We went to Farnham in Surrey which is a very picturesque town, very photogenic! You wouldn’t think so from my choice of picture today, though. Why did I take it? I’m not sure now, but I did – so you get to see it.

Out damned spot?


What a busy weekend! Anyway photography opportunities were few and far between, so you will have to make do with one of my daily ‘tree’ shots. This is the ‘other half’ of the tree – the part I don’t usually show as that side is ‘scrappier’. I thought I had a smudge on the image – top right. However, closer inspection reveals that it is a bird! And I didn’t even notice it flying by!


Fancy a coffee?


I’ve been undergoing a series of tests and treatment at our local hospital. Last week I discovered that there is a small cafe – and it came highly recommended. Today I decided to treat myself. The place was empty.

Having tasted the coffee I’m not surprised…….

I won’t be going back!