ICAD2016 #61 The End

The last in the series of Index Cards inspired by Daisy Yellow. 

I have taken part for several years- incorporating them into my daily art routine. In other years I have worked in a series but this year determined to be inspired by the prompts alone. This was hard. 

There were many topics that didn’t inspire me at all, so I had to think laterally. I have completed 61 cards for June and July plus 10 warmup cards completed during the last days of May. I even completed one in hospital on the day after my heart procedure so that I didn’t spoil the rhythm. 

They are now all in this journal where I will continue for a while – slowly working towards another daily theme.

I will share pages with you from time to time, but will probably post photos here following the prompts which will be posted tomorrow for Be Creatively 

Why not join in?