It says it all….



Raindrops on the window. Grey sky. Little light. Definitely a grey day and not the best for working in the studio. High winds, beating rain…… At least it was dry inside.


A hint?



This is a recently introduced speed limit on some of our local roads. Drivers obviously need a lot of reminding, however, as our observations show that although the original speed limit was 30 mph most continue to navigate the roads at a minimum of 40!

Through the rain



The day started with a beautiful blue sky. It was also dry and, that lasted until dark. Then, it rained.

Driving home (I was a passenger) the rain was pouring and the passing cars were splashing, I couldn’t resist trying out the camera on my new phone. This is the result.

Splish, Splash


This should be a grassy bank on Salisbury Plain. The journey was full of watery obstacles and many a sea where there should have been dry land. The picture was taken through the car window as we passed – if you look closely you can see rain splashes.